Get Up, Stand Up

There was another heart-breaking mass shooting on Tuesday, this time at an elementary school. As I write this, 18 children and 2 adults are dead. After the Buffalo massacre, it literally feels like a punch to the gut. The victims of that murder spree aren’t even buried yet, and now a new set of families share their heartbreak.

In the online conversations I’ve been reading people comment how terrible it was. You can imagine how infuriating it is to see people who admitted they voted Republican, or made a useless third party vote that did nothing about gun control, cluck about the tragedy that they voted for. Do these people really not understand the link between their vote and things that go on in the world?

The response I keep seeing is that “oh, that third party candidate is pro-gun control so it’s OK”. No, it’s not. Unless you vote for candidates who will have an actual chance to make a change, you are part of this never-ending problem. And what is it with the Republican/third party voters who tell you that they completely agree with you on your gun control ideas—but who don’t vote for Democrats and still want their cookie?

I think we need to start telling anyone who does not vote for Democrats, regardless of whether they are a registered Democrat, that if they don’t actively support gun control and reform that we’re not interested in how upset they are. Just shut those conversations down in real life and online. Crocodile tears are worthless.

The other side of the conversation are the people who are VERY OFFENDED that Democrats are calling out Republicans for blocking popular gun control elements. Or they’re upset that Biden gave an address to the nation about it and accused Biden of “making it political”. Huh? Legislation is political. And Republican politicians literally run on the gun issue.

For example this guy is the district’s congressional representative:

This is also that guy:

I can’t even with these people anymore.

There was a long line of Republican politicians who had actively and gleefully fought and demolished as many gun control initiatives today all upset and full of Bible verses. And they were being rightfully dragged on social media.

Arizona representative Reuben Gallego had this response to a dumb comment by Ted Cruz:

I think he speaks for a lot of us. And he did a bunch of speaking today to hypocritical GOP politicians. And that’s something the rest of us need to start doing in a big way.

You will remember that a bunch of white people standing peacefully in front of Brett Kavanaugh’s house threw Congress into a tizzy and they immediate approved a bunch of money to keep the riffraff out of their neighborhoods, oops I mean protect the Supreme Court justices from much-deserved criticism.

You may also remember that various members of the TFG’s administration got heckled at dinner and the pearl clutching got very serious on the part of Republicans who began discoursing about “civility”. It’s time for us stand up and get loud, however you can manage it.

But what we need the most is for Democratic elected officials to push back against the GOP hypocrisy on guns. Representative Gallego is probably going to be roundly criticized for his lack of decorum by directly calling out a sitting senator, but the reaction from rank and file Democrats is very positive. We need more Democratic politicians doing that from now until November.

Oh, also on This Very Special Episode of We Live in a Hellscape, on Friday the NRA will be holding its annual convention in Texas. Here are the featured speakers:

Yes, some of the people responsible for enabling this mass murder will go this week from funerals to glad-handing the people who make these weapons and who pay them to further their violent goals. This can’t continue to be business as usual.

The last word goes to Bob Marley:


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