Irksome Things: June Swoon Edition

The featured image is of Orson Welles and Paul Newman in the 1958 movie, The Long Hot Summer. It’s going to be a hot one in New Orleans: we’re already hitting the mid-Nineties. Perhaps I’ll feel cooler if I use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit: 35 or 95? I’m irked that doing that didn’t make me feel cooler.

I’m irked that I look more like Orson Welles than Paul Newman nowadays. I wouldn’t, however, have a stogie in my mouth at all times. Who drives around in a convertible (Jeep?) smoking a cigar in the long hot summer? I get irked and sweaty just contemplating it. It has, however, given me a John Hiatt earworm:

I’m irked that the coverup continues in the Uvalde School massacre. The local District Attorney claims she’s investigating so nothing can be released to the public about the staggering ineptitude of the police.

DAs charge people with crimes: the shooter is dead, and she’s not investigating the cops. What she’s really doing is kicking the can down the road so Hey Abbott can be reelected. It’s an elaborate game of Texas Hold’em designed to retain GOP power in the Lone Star State.

I think a poker song is in order:

I’m irked that the coverage of the senate gun safety compromise pretends there’s no political motive for the Turtle to crawl out of his shell and tentatively support it. Everything McConnell does is political. He doesn’t want guns to be an issue in the mid-terms so fine candidates such as Herschel Walker can join fine Republicans such as Tommy Tuberville in the senate.

Despite everything, I still support the compromise because of the yeoman work by Senator Chris Murphy. It’s a small step forward but it’s better than shrugging and making like this Joni Mitchell song:

I’m irked that the MSM is letting the GOP get away with their mental illness shtick when Trump revoked Obama-era gun background checks for the mentally-ill in 2017. I guess consulting with Mr. Google or Der Bingle is too damn hard.

I’m irked that Florida Senator Rick Scott is opposed to gun safety measures that Florida Governor Rick Scott supported. He’s a white-collar grifter playing games like the guy in this song by Warren Zevon and Carl Hiaasen.

I’m mildly irked that this Tweet wasn’t released until after my Why Liz Cheney Matters post went live:

I told you that Liz Cheney was out for blood. She wants Trump’s head on a proverbial pike.

I’m irked that all Republicans want to talk about are gas prices. I thought they believed in free market capitalism, rugged individualism, and all that shit. They know that the president doesn’t control prices at the pump. If you’re going to blame a president, blame the Russian president.

Above all else, I’m irked by the heat.

The last word goes to John Fogerty: