Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I selected this week’s song because it popped up in the final episode of The Staircase. I understand it’s also featured in the current season of Stranger Things, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve had stranger things to do.

Speaking of strange things, I didn’t realize until I finished writing this piece that I posted this song in the infancy of this feature. Oopsie. But there weren’t any instrumentals and there’s only one version repeated so I’m repeating myself. Consider this the definitive edition/

The featured image is of Tony Randall, Doris Day, and Rock Hudson on the set of Pillow Talk. They’re ostensibly drinking tea or coffee, but I bet at least one of them has something stronger in their cup.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me was composed in 1931 by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt with lyrics by Gus Kahn. It was first recorded by Ozzie Nelson but who wants to hear a teevee dad’s version of this venerable song?

Since no hands are raised, we begin with Doris Day:

Ella Fitzgerald recorded this dreamy song several times. I dig this version with Count Basie the most.

The Mamas & The Papas had an unlikely hit with Dream A Little Dream of Me in 1968.

I knew Carroll O’Connor could sing but I hadn’t heard of his Old PFARTS album. Aw, Jeez.

Finally, a dreamy rendition by Diana Krall:

What would the Friday Cocktail Hour be without jazz instrumental versions of the week’s song? This time, Gerry Mulligan followed by Teddy Wilson and Eiji Katamura.

That’s it for this week. I propose a toast to Colin Firth and Toni Collette who danced to this week’s tune in The Staircase. It’s what Rock, Doris, and Tony would want. Never argue with them.