Old Devil Moon

The dream cycle is over. I was hoping to get a Dreamsicle out of it, but it didn’t work out. Oh well, what the hell.

Burton Lane and Yip Harburg wrote Old Devil Moon for the 1947 musical Finian’s Rainbow. Francis Coppola directed the 1968 movie version of the musical. The less said about it, the better.

We begin with the subjects of last week’s Sunday Dozen: Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. It didn’t make the list but it’s a helluva song.

Next up, Anita O’Day with the Oscar Peterson Quartet.

Have I told you recently how much I love Oscar Peterson? I’m fond of the next guy too, Mel Tormé. Sometimes I forget the accent grave, which is a grave mistake.

Nelson Riddle was everywhere back in the day. This time, with Peggy Lee.

It’s time for a devilish duet featuring Carmen McRae and Betty Carter.

What would the Friday Cocktail Hour be without jazz instrumental versions of the week’s song? This time, Sonny Rollins followed by McCoy Tyner.

That’s it for this week. I propose a toast to Yip Harburg for all the great lyrics he shared with the world during his long life. It’s what Louis, Frank, Peggy, and Bing would want. Never argue with them.