Malaka Of The Week: Michael Peroutka

Attorney General candidate Michael Peroutka won a landslide victory in the Maryland GOP primary yesterday. He’s running to be the first Republican AG since 1954 and the first to be elected since 1918. Peroutka has been called a neo-Confederate, but he rejects the label saying in 2014, “If anything I want to be a true confederate.” And that is why Michael Peroutka is malaka of the week.

Michael Peroutka is a veteran extremist. In 2004, he was the Constitution Party candidate for president, receiving 143,630 votes. I first heard of him during Judge Pervert dba Roy Moore’s senate run in 2017. Peroutka and Moore met through an Alabama based group League of the South, which has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Malaka Peroutka was the biggest donor to Judge Pervert’s campaign, chipping in a cool $500K. It’s unknown if he ever cruised malls for jailbait with Moore but he shares Judge Pervert’s white supremacist views.

What was once extreme in American politics has become “mainstream” in the Trumpified GOP. Malaka Peroutka is a prime example of that trend. He’s a talkative extremist:

“During his 2004 presidential run, Peroutka made it clear to the League of the South which side of the Mason-Dixon Line he stood on.

“I come from Maryland, which by the way is below the Mason-Dixon Line. … We’d have seceded if they hadn’t of locked up 51 members of the legislature. And by the way, I’m still angry about that,” he told the group to applause.”

I wonder if he reminded them that this guy was from Maryland:

That was a sic joke but writing about Lost Causers makes me sick.

Malaka Peroutka is not just a Lost Cause nostalgist, he’s kept up with the Trumpy times:

Anyone surprised that a Christian Nationalist like Malaka Peroutka is a mask warrior? I thought not.

The mask mandate/lockdown era may be over, but Malaka Peroutka thinks they were a Commie/Satanist plot. He hasn’t dropped his guard against the evils of mandates:

“For the past two years, we have lived under horrible, notorious, obnoxious, blatant violations of this document.”

The document in question is the constitution, which he claims to revere but his views are similar to our last malaka of the week, Lauren Boebert. Peroutka thinks the founders had theocracy in mind:

“The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document. It’s a wonderful document. It’s a powerful document. But it’s not going to leap off the page. You have to keep it alive. You have to understand the Biblical principles on which this country was founded.”

Since Maryland is a blue state, Democratic strategists are celebrating Peroutka’s win and that of Dan Cox in the Goober primary. Cameron Joseph of Vice has described Cox as a “QAnon whack job.” Cox organized bus rides to DC for the so-called Stop The Steal rally. Maryland malakatude, it burns.

I’m glad Maryland Dems are glad but it’s not good for the Republic that a nutbar extremist like this can be a major party nominee for state Attorney General. That’s what we’re stuck with in the Gret Stet of Louisiana. Our AG Jeff Landry is a rabid anti-abortion pro-Trump cretin and he’s a smidgen to the left of Malaka Peroutka. Nobody’s to the right of him. And that is why Michael Peroutka is malaka of the week.

The last word goes to Joe Satriani: