Ron DeSantis: Top Gov?

Florida is known for tacky tourist junk. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is carrying on this tawdry tradition at the OFFICIAL Team DeSantis Storefront. They put official in ALL CAPS, not me.

For a mere 25 bucks you can have the Top Gov poster. If you want Top Gov Ron and his kid on a T-shirt, it will set you back another 25 Simoleons. Do they call them Seminoles in Florida? Probably not. That would alienate Florida Gator fans…

Then there’s this item:

I hate to admit it but putting an alligator on a Gadsden snake flag is pretty darn clever. It comes in a sign, on a t-shirt, and a flag you can put on a pole and beat up a cop with the next time you storm the Capitol. Fun times with Top Gov.

Freedom, man.

DeSantis is running a slick and well-financed campaign. There’s even a rocking campaign song written by Jacksonville natives Johnny and Donnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special fame:

Freedom, man.

Please don’t confuse the wingnutty Van Zant brothers with proud progressive Little Steven Van Zandt:

Consider that an antidote to the DeSantis propaganda of Sweet Florida. Freedom, man.

Let’s circle back to the featured Top Gov image.

I learned about it from TPM’s David Kurtz:

If you married Dukakis in the tank and George W. Bush in his “Mission Accomplished” flight suit, you get this comedic disaster.

Former Navy JAG lawyer Ron DeSantis pretends to be a Top Gun pilot dogfighting with the media (ugh, this is so embarrassing) in a new video posted to Twitter by his wife:

I am not making this up; neither is David Kurtz. Team DeSantis is. Freedom, man.

The last word goes to Cheap Trick with a song from the soundtrack of the original Top Gun:

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  1. Wow on that campaign theme. As if we didn’t need anymore proof that the good Van Zant brother is dead.

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