The Stupidest Scandal Ever

I revived this 2017 New York Daily News front page because it evokes one of many deeply stupid moments during the Trump regime. I think cults of personality are stupid and Trumpism is based on the stupidity of the man himself. He’s so stupid that he stared at the sun during a total eclipse. That’s stupendously stupid as is his latest legal problem.

The deeper we get into the National Archive scandal, the dumber it looks on Trump’s part. His lackey John Solomon was on Steve Bannon’s stupid podcast. Solomon disclosed the existence of a letter from the National Archives to Trump shyster Evan Corcoran. Solomon thought it would help his lord and master, instead it violated the first rule of holes, when you’re in one, stop digging.

Mr. Solomon, appearing on Tuesday on a podcast run by Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former White House aide, tried to suggest that Ms. Wall’s letter somehow implicated President Biden in the struggle over the classified documents. At one point in the letter, Ms. Wall told Mr. Corcoran that Mr. Biden had agreed with her and others that Mr. Trump’s attempts to assert executive privilege over the materials were baseless.


But the letter never indicated that Mr. Biden was in charge of the decision rejecting Mr. Trump’s claims of privilege or that he had anything to do with the search of Mar-a-Lago, as Mr. Solomon suggested.

Did Solomon scan the letter, see the name Biden, and conclusion jump? If so, he’s a blithering idiot. A common condition in Trump World.

In the immortal words of George Clinton that was:

Then there’s the pleading filed by Trump’s lawyers attacking the search warrant. It begins by stating that politics should have nothing to do with the case then goes on to laud the glories of past and future candidate Trump.

It gets better. Trump’s lawyers lavish praise on the splendors of Mar-a-Lago, threaten the Attorney General, and admit their client violated the Espionage Act.  I am not making this up.  Read it for yourself. I almost said read it and weep but reading it made me:

The whole thing is a joke. Trump’s lawyers went forum shopping for a Trump appointee. Then his addle-pated attorneys asserted executive privilege, which belongs solely to the Current Occupant according to every Supreme except for Clarence Thomas. The stupid media stupidly chose to take this ridiculous document seriously. How stupid is that?

These tweets by Empty Wheel sums up my disgust with the media reporting:

This is NOT a serious legal document. It’s strictly propaganda for the stupid and gullible followers of the Kaiser of Chaos. Repeat after me: The followers of chaos out of control.

If the Impeached Insult Comedian had just listened to the White House counsel’s office when he packed to go into exile, his other legal problems wouldn’t vanish but this one would not exist. It only exists because Trump insists that the disputed documents are:

Thanks, Trump Baby Blimp.

Selfishness and stupidity are synonymous in this episode. A violation of the Espionage Act is some serious shit. A conviction would bar Trump from running for federal office.

We know his followers are stupid enough to ignore Trump’s long string of general election losses when they should be tired of so much losing. Are Republicans stupid enough to nominate a candidate under indictment? It’s quite possible. The stupid, it burns.

The last word goes to Kacey Musgraves: