Of Silver Bullets, Orange Jumpsuits & Empty Threats

Lon Chaney Jr. menaces Bela Lugosi in a promo still for The Wolf Man.

The Wolf Man was an early favorite of mine. I first saw it on KTVU’s Creatures Features with Bob Wilkins. He was a cigar smoking ironist whose motto was:

I spent many hours of my wayward youth watching Mr. Wilkins’ show. He gave me my love of Universal and Hammer horror flicks. I never, however, acquired a taste for cigars.

Back to The Wolf Man. I never understood the concept of the silver bullet, especially since it was a walking stick with a silver handle that killed Lon Chaney Jr. in that movie. Silver is supposed to be the essence of purity or some such shit. Tell it to robber barons like George Hearst. He was as impure as hell; at least as portrayed in Deadwood by Gerald McRaney. I have a funny story about an encounter with the actor in the French Quarter, but I’ll save it for another day. Tease, tease.

Are you dazed and confused by this long introduction? You should be. It’s time to get to the point, such as it is.

Through the manifold Trump investigations people have looked, hoped, and prayed for a silver bullet to take the monster down. They hoped it would be fired by Bobby Three Sticks. That phantasmagoric silver bullet was deflected by Muller’s own exaggerated sense of rectitude and the conniving of Bill Barr.

Current hopes for a silver bullet rest on the DOJ, J6 committee, and the Fulton County grand jury. There is NO silver bullet. The legal system does not work that way. Prosecutions are based on the accumulation of evidence the drip, drip, drip of relevant information. There’s rarely a Perry Mason moment or silver bullet in real life.

I also don’t care how the Impeached Insult Comedian is finally nailed as long as it happens. I realize that it would be more satisfying for it to be for inciting the Dipshit Insurrection or coup plotting but as a long as it’s a felony conviction that bars him from running for office, I’ll be happy. Secreting secret documents is far from the worst thing the former Gangster-in-Chief has done BUT they nailed Scarface for tax evasion, not murder, after all.

Let’s talk orange jumpsuits. It’s unlikely that the Kaiser of Chaos will ever wear one if convicted of a crime. Even a former president with an asterisk receives Secret Service protection. It’s hard to imagine how that would work in a penitentiary so don’t get your hopes up. Some form of house arrest is more likely but under strict conditions with no golf allowed. That means we won’t have to see this again:

Graham shows Trump a bit of leg.

The Incredible Mr. Lindsey is back in the news. In between arguing that he’s above the law, he’s been on Fox News shooting off his big fat bazoo:

That’s a far cry from this Tweet fired off during the Dipshit Insurrection.

My main man Lawrence O’Donnell nailed Little Lindsey last night even calling him a Quisling:

Is there anyone out there who can imagine a coward like Lindsey Graham leading a mob with pitchforks storming anything. This is the man who Steve Schmidt dismissed as a puffer fish:

“People try to analyze Lindsey through the prism of the manifest inconsistencies that exist between things that he used to believe and what he’s doing now. The way to understand him is to look at what’s consistent. And essentially what he is in American politics is what, in the aquatic world, would be a pilot fish: a smaller fish that hovers about a larger predator, like a shark, living off of its detritus. That’s Lindsey. And when he swam around the McCain shark, broadly viewed as a virtuous and good shark, Lindsey took on the patina of virtue. But wherever the apex shark is, you find the Lindsey fish hovering about, and Trump’s the newest shark in the sea. Lindsey has a real draw to power — but he’s found it unattainable on his own merits.”

Lindsey Graham’s empty threats of violence are the clearest indication yet that he’s a bottom feeder who has hit rock bottom

Repeat after me: Lindsey Graham is a pussy; he should grab himself.

The last word goes to Mott the Hoople:

2 thoughts on “Of Silver Bullets, Orange Jumpsuits & Empty Threats

  1. “…Even the jungle wanted him dead. …” Captain Willard’s narration regarding Colonel Kurtz — Apocalypse Now

    That honeypot filled with top secret documents down in Mar-a-Largo has officially caught a teenager that wandered into the tunnels there (tunnels in Florida! Who knew such a thing could exist?) an inept Chinese spy and a suspected Russian agent. Even more that we do not publicly know, after all investigators do not present subpoena requests to F.I.S.A. court judges because you have a lot of unpaid parking tickets.

    But regardless, enough information has been released in the Court Of Public Opinion. Indictments for a trial court should falling down on the former president and some of his associates like rain drops from a summer squall. There is plenty of evidence, it is time for a jury to decide.

    Otherwise, it is not justice for all.

  2. He better have to wear and pay for like every other person and ankle bracelet.

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