KMac & The Commitments

The 1991 movie The Commitments was about an Irish soul band who hoped to make it big but broke up instead. It was a terrific movie directed by Alan Parker based on a terrific book by Roddy Doyle. It has nothing in common with Speaker Wannabe KMac except for the C word: Commitment.

According to the dread Axios, KMac is making like Newt Gingrich and plans to present a plan for GOP world domination. It’s called The Commitment To America. I called Newt’s 1994 plan The Contract On America because it *was* a hit job on the New Deal and Great Society. It was much more specific than KMac’s thing but vagueness is the Candyass Candyman’s jam:

  • An economy that is strong: This section specifically focuses on inflation, high gas prices, supply chain issues and competition with China. McCarthy advises members to pledge to “put an end to ‘Build Back Better’ and eliminate wasteful government spending.”
  • A nation that is safe: With a focus on crime and immigration, Republicans vow to¬†“secure the Southern border,” “reduce crime and stop Fentanyl” and “defend our national security.”
  • A future that is free: Section headers include “make sure every kid in every neighborhood can succeed,” “better care and improved health outcomes for all Americans” and “confront Big Tech and advance free speech.”
  • A government that is accountable: The final section emphasizes the extent of the oversight efforts Republicans are promising next year if they take back the majority, including a pledge to “ensure safe and fair elections.”

Notice that there’s no mention of the BIG LIE. The Impeached Insult Comedian isn’t going to like that. I’m waiting for him to lower the boom on KMac for insufficient subservience. Crawfishing will ensue.

The so-called Commitment To America reflects panic in House GOP ranks. They’ve lost what Poppy Bush called Big Mo because of abortion, falling gas prices, low unemployment, and above all else Trump’s insistence on making the mid-terms about him.

Cue Baby Trump meme:

Back to The Commitments poster. I told you the movie had nothing to do with KMac’s Contract On America Lite. But the first part of the tagline works: THEY HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

KMac and the House GOP leadership *are* empty suits with nothing to offer.

The second half of the tagline is clearly inapplicable: BUT THEY WERE WILLING TO RISK IT ALL.

They’re not willing to risk ANYTHING. Certainly not standing up to the Kaiser of Chaos. He has them by the balls and never stops squeezing. We know from the leaked phone conversations that KMac and Scalise were appalled by the Dipshit Insurrection.

Hell, KMac even denounced it on the House floor before folding and running off to Mar-a-Doorn to kiss the Kaiser’s ring. That’s why I’m waiting for him to fold. I only hope it happens after this post is published.

KMac’s only commitment is to his ambition, not America. Hopefully, the suburban women whose support both parties are seeking will not be swayed by the fake substance of people who VOTED AGAINST everything passed during the 117th Congress. The House GOP leadership even opposed the infrastructure bill that Mitch McConnell voted for.

Repeat after me: House GOPers are pussies. They should grab themselves.

The last word goes to The Commitments with a song that reflects where KMac and his ilk want to take the country, particularly when it comes to abortion.

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  1. Worst inflation since 1982? Gosh,who was President in 1982? Who got 241 Marines killed in Lebanon? Who got reelected in a landslide?

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