Oath Keepers & Breakers

It was a crazy busy news day yesterday. Stewart Rhodes and four other Oath Keepers leaders went on trial for seditious conspiracy involving the Dipshit Insurrection. The WaPo has wall-to-wall rolling coverage, which can be found HERE.

The coverage is mostly impressive even if they insist on calling voir dire vetting. Voir dire is jury selection and vetting is a journalistic cliche stolen from the military. I think things should be called what they are: Voir dire, it is.

In political news, the Daily Beast broke a story about former Heisman Trophy winner and Trump sycophant Herschel Walker. He was revealed as the worst kind of hypocrite. In 2009, he paid for a paramour’s abortion. She has the receipts as the kids say.

The story so disgusted Walker’s son Christian that he disowned the dim former Georgia Bulldog turned bible banging hypocrite and on Twitter no less.

Ouch. Herschel really puts the bang in bible banger.

It was enough to make me break out in an ironic version of the iconic UGA chant:

Herschel Walker is, of course, a different kind of dog: a lowdown dirty dog who paid for an abortion and is lying about it. His accuser is in for a world of hurt but she couldn’t live with the hypocrisy anymore. Walker’s response is straight out of the Trump playbook: He’s threatening to sue the Daily Beast for defamation for being so beastly to him.

I know what you’re thinking: hardcore Christian nationalists and Trump voters don’t care about this. I concur but they’re lost souls. The abortion story should have an impact among suburban women who usually vote Republican but dislike Trump. That was the scenario that proved fruitful for Democrats in 2018.

You’re probably asking yourself: what do these two things have to do with one another? Both involve oaths taken and broken. The bulk of the Oath Keepers are radicalized veterans who sold their souls to the Vietnam War era draft dodging chicken hawk I call the Kaiser of Chaos. They took an oath to protect and defend the constitution but violated that oath on Twelfth Night, 2021. They should rename their organization the Oath Breakers then promptly disband in disgrace.

Herschel Walker hasn’t sworn to protect and defend the constitution yet, but he hopes to do so as a United States senator. As a self-professed Christian, he’s repeatedly violated the oath of his faith:

You didn’t expect me to quote The Bible, did you?

Instead, I posted the poster of an OTT bad big budget movie, which is what the Walker campaign increasingly resembles; either that or a train wreck. Hopefully, bad things will happen to this bad person, and he’ll lose the election to a good person, Reverend Senator Warnock.

I’d like to close with some relevant media criticism. It gives me no pleasure to go after Rachel Maddow but her opening segment last night was nearly as OTT as a DeMille flick.

Maddow started off with an interesting discussion of the American far right in 1939-41. Then, she decided to play amateur lawyer by describing a 1944 sedition trial that flopped.  She is correct in stating that sedition is difficult to prove, but incorrect in claiming that’s because the defendants in the 1944 case failed in their seditious conspiracy. That mischaracterizes the law: an overt act is required. In the 1944 trial, there was insufficient proof of overt acts. In the 2022 Oath Keepers trial, there was an overt act: the Dipshit Insurrection.

Does the presence of an overt act mean that the defendants will be convicted? Beats the hell outta me, I’m not Carnac but neither is Rachel Maddow.

In her current iteration, Maddow is the bedwetter in chief, the queen of the worst-case scenarists, the most Nervous Nellie of all. She could be right about the outcome of the Oath Keepers trial, but I’m tired of the heavy sighs and theatrical frowns. I never yelled at the teevee during her show until 2020 but it’s all I do now. We had many good years “together” but it’s time to break up via a reverse Costanza: It’s not me, it’s you, Rachel.

The Herschel Walker story has put beasts in my bean. The last word goes to Jethro Tull: