Bootlicking In The Beehive State & Elsewhere

I’ve spilled fewer words about 2022 than any campaign since I began blogging. It’s hard to pose as an expert when you haven’t a clue as to how it will turn out. As a confirmed anti worst-case scenarist, I remain cautiously optimistic about Democratic prospects. But those prospects are uncertain at best. Stay tuned.

If this were a normal country with a normal press corps and a normal opposition party, I’d be expecting another 2002 when the GOP gained seats in an off-year election because of a national crisis caused by foreign terrorists. In 2022, we have a national crisis caused by domestic terrorists, but the political media is all:

I concur with everything my esteemed colleague who originally hails from the Nutmeg state wrote this morning. The political press corps should take the horse race coverage behind the barn and shoot it. They should stable their “GOP is a normal party” bias for the duration. Reporters at the NYT, WaPo, and Politico have done some outstanding reporting on the GOP’s threat to democracy. It’s a pity that the political types at those papers seem not to have read that coverage.

Let’s take a look at the action in the several states. In Oregon, they’re threatening severe severance to join Idaho in a sort of 21st Century Anschluss. I hope they like potatoes. Jamie O wrote about the wingnut desire to be gone, Oregon, gone on Monday.

In the Beehive State, incumbent Senator Mike Lee insists he’s not a bootlicker, an obvious lie. He’s currently ardently licking the boots of his fellow Utah Senator Willard Mittbot Romney. Willard is neutral in the race and Lee is in trouble.

Lee begged for Romney’s support on the Mothertucker’s Fox News show. Uh, Mike, I don’t think Willard watches that bilious bozo’s broadcast. He’s not a pocket constitution waving fascist like you. The Mittbot rebooted his decent instincts in 2018.

Remember when Marco Rubio mocked the Insult Comedian for being a con artist with small hands? I do. Marco does not. It must be hard to see with one’s head so far up the Trump rump.

Rubio has a formidable opponent in Val Demings, but Rubio is still favored to win. My only prediction is that Little Marco will run behind D Mussolini Wannabe. Top Gov has acted more like a normal pol since Hurricane Ian. He’s an opportunist just like the original Mussolini.

In the Gret Stet of Louisiana, Steve Scalise is finally getting some static from the local media for his lies about Speaker Pelosi and January 6. It took several days but I’m proud to say that two friends of mine started the ball rolling: Stephanie Grace and Clancy DuBos. Glad I don’t have to disown either of you.

The legendary bootlicker and dog whistler from the Gret Stet, John Neely Kennedy is running for re-election. He’s avoiding debates and major public appearances because he’s a shoo-in. The state Democratic party couldn’t get its shit together to endorse one candidate in the open primary, so two relatively well-known Dems are on the ballot: Luke Mixon and Gary Chambers.

It’s what comes from decades of lousy leadership; most recently former chair Karen Cater Peterson who embezzled money from the party to fund her gambling addiction.  I’m glad she copped a plea and stepped down as my state senator.

It’s a damn good thing she lost another Congressional race in 2021. Her first loss was to the klepto congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson in 2008. I thought she was a phony then and still do. I may be biased but I’m not a bootlicker.

The last word goes to Harvey Garbage, but the song is neither rubbish nor trash: