Who Cares?

I’m Notorious for old movies influencing my writing including that Hitchcock movie. I’m no Cary Grant but I’m not a short Nazi as portrayed by Claude Rains either.

A quick story from the archives: An international grad student saw a picture of Ingrid Bergman in Notorious and asked Dr. A if they were related. Flattering even if La Bergman was Swedish. Dr. A’s late Norwegian grandmother would have objected vehemently. She never got over Swedish neutrality in World War II. Talk about notorious. That’s something worth caring about.

That was a manic digression even by my standards. Let’s get on with it.

Music also influences my writing. That’s reflected by the title of this post. Capturing my mood are two songs titled Who Cares?

The first was written by the Gershwin Brothers:

The second was written by country guy, Don Gibson:

Both songs capture my mood in the aftermath of the Kaiser of Chaos’ Twitter restoration by Chief Twit. The Musky one did one of those fakakta Twitter polls and declared, Vox Populi. I guess he thought it sounded fancier in Latin.

Trump won the popular vote? There’s a first time for everything.

Some of the reaction has been deeply stupid in a Chicken Little kinda way. Check out this CNN headline: Twitter was already in disarray. Trump’s return will only make it more chaotic.

The sky is not falling. Who cares? Not Ella Fitzgerald:

The Impeached Insult Comedian does not possess supernatural powers even if Kash Patel thinks he’s some kind of a wizard. He’s just an asshole with cotton-candy piss hair to paraphrase Penn Jillette. Teller nods in assent. Beats the hell outta Harpo handing you his leg:

Who cares? Chico cares.

Back to the Muskified Twitter return of the Kaiser of Chaos from Truth exile.

Not surprisingly, I concur with fellow calm guy Josh Marshall whose post has a swell title: Let’s Not Whine About Trump Being On Twitter.

I see we’re back to the question of whether Donald Trump should be allowed back on Twitter, whether Elon Musk will allow him back, what it will mean? All I can add to this debate is that getting hung up on this question is undignified and unwise. Put simply, it makes the supporters of civic democracy and Americanism sound weak, helpless, lacking the courage of their convictions and beliefs, afraid. (As I was writing this post, I heard that Elon Musk had announced he was reinstating Trump on the platform.)


Keeping Donald Trump off Twitter is no substitute for beating him and his movement at the ballot box.


And why the lack of confidence exactly? Republicans just had a historically bad midterm election result, even at a time of significant economic dislocation, mostly because of Donald Trump. Indeed, it’s the third straight election where Democrats have either won the election or dramatically over-performed fundamentals because of popular resistance to Trump and his feral supporters.


The only dignified response to this is a studied indifference.

Shorter Josh: Who Cares? It’s what Antoine Domino would say:

People need to get over former President* Pennywise. He’s a monster but some combination of the courts and voters will take him down. The impact of his attempts to whip up violence have had diminishing returns since the Dipshit Insurrection. Just ask Elmer Stewart Rhodes who’s on trial for seditious conspiracy:

Elmer Stewart Rhodes may think he looks cool with his John Ford-Raoul Walsh movie director eyepatch. But he’s a short-fingered vulgarian and a minor league Hermann Goering to whom this comment from Robert Jackson’s Nuremberg closing argument applies: “half militarist, half gangster. He stuck a pudgy finger in every pie.”

That goes for former President* Pennywise as well.

Violence and coup attempts I care about. As to Trump’s return to Twitter: Who cares?

The last word goes to Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, and Ray Brown.

Have I told you lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

3 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. “Violence and coup attempts I care about. ”

    And where were the violence and coup attempts fomented, nurtured, planned & spread?


    I don’t understand how you can say you’re concerned about Trump stirring up violence and then say sure, let him back on the platform where he stirred up violence.

  2. Trump is on the skids. Where were the threatening people during the last election? There were few of them. I also don’t believe in freaking out about things I cannot control. He has not tweeted yet either. Trump wants people to fear him. Those who do, play into his hands.

  3. Trump might have won the popular vote on a Twitter poll but I bet many of the responses were Musk’s incel fanboys, Russian psyop assets, sockpuppet accounts owned by Musk’s incel fanbase, and bots.

    There’s a reason we don’t do elections on Twitter.

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