Oklahoma On The Bayou?

The featured image tracks this year’s tornadic activity in the New Orleans metro area. Tornadoes used to be rare in South Louisiana. We’ve turned into Oklahoma on the Bayou, only with better food.

I wrote about the March tornadoes but this was a closer call. They struck directly across the Big Muddy from us. I had never heard a tornado until yesterday. It was an experience I could have lived without. Those who tell you that tornadoes sound like trains are correct. It was the train whistle from hell.

All is well at Adrastos World HQ: we didn’t lose power and the cats snoozed through the storm. They’re much tougher than their humans.

We didn’t duck into a windowless room: there’s no such thing in our converted shotgun double. We depend on the large buildings that flank our house. Both buildings sustained substantial damage from Hurricane Ida while we had none. Strange but true.

It’s days like yesterday that remind me why I still watch the local news. Chief WWL-TV meteorologist Chris Franklin anchored an afternoon of remarkable coverage. It was news coverage as community service. Thanks, y’all.

We’re a talkative people in South Louisiana. Reporting from Gretna, WWL’s Paul Murphy stumbled into a hyper articulate tornado victim who is a bona fide New Orleans character. His name is Mr. Randazzo, and he gave us a tour of his badly damaged house:

Score one for the Irish and Italians. FYI, Randazzo is a prominent name in the New Orleans area among king cake fans. Disclaimer: I am not advocating king cake consumption before Twelfth Night.

Climate change is clearly the culprit in this surge of tornadic activity. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 35 years and non-tropical system related tornadoes were unheard of until recently. It looks as if we now have two seasons: hurricane and tornado. Woe is me.

I tested out the post title on social media and two friends suggested different new nicknames for the Gret Stet of Louisiana: Kansiana and Okla-Houma. I have funny friends.

I used ELO’s Laredo Tornado in my March tornado post, so the last word goes to Drive-By Truckers:

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