History Was Made In 76 Minutes

Congressional hearings are known for windbaggery and bloviation. There’s been none of that with the January 6th Committee. It’s made up of work horses, not show horses. Each hearing has told a story and told it well and concisely. Today’s hearing was no exception. History was made in 76 minutes.

We knew that criminal referrals were coming. Jamie Raskin the most scholarly lawyer on the committee presented the referrals. The name Donald Trump was repeated four times and that of John Eastman twice. I would have liked to hear more names, but we should know as soon as a summary is released or no later than Wednesday when the full report is published. I know how I’m spending Wednesday.

(Update: The summary has been released. The details can wait for another day.)

The referrals have moral but not legal weight. The insurrection charge will be the hardest to prove. I think the charges involving Pence pressure and fake electors are the strongest cases.

I’ve always thought criminal referrals were a good idea. In the MSNBC pregame, my two favorite legal analysts split: Chuck Mr. Calm Rosenberg doesn’t think referrals are helpful but Andrew The Puppetmaster Weissman thinks they’ll inspire DOJ to take a close look at the work of the J6 Committee.

Given the strength of the evidence presented, the committee had to submit referrals. To not do so, would have undermined their work. The cries of politics most foul were inevitable whatever the committee decided. They were right to go big. It’s what Team Trump did after the 2020 election.

The January 6th Committee owes much of its success to the ham-fisted way KMac handled things. He insisted on having some of the craziest members of his caucus on the committee. Speaker Pelosi, quite correctly, shot that idea down. Imagine if Jacketless Gym Jordan had been on the committee. He’s incapable of brevity or even using his indoor voice at work.

The Dipshit Insurrection was the final stage of a coup plot that failed every test along the way. It was not spontaneous: it was the last coup card the Impeached Insult Comedian had to play. Hence his inaction on that fateful day. Sometimes inaction speaks louder than words.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the members of the committee. Their enemies have said that the investigation was political inspired. Really? Of the nine committee members two lost their races and two did not run for reelection. Sounds like bad politics to me. They acted out of principle; something Trumpers will never understand.

I’m not psychic, so I’m not predicting what DOJ will do now that the January 6 ball is in its court. I think there *will* be charges brought in the documents case. If those laws aren’t enforced, they might as well be repealed.

Repeat after me: History was made in 76 minutes.

That concludes my instant analysis of today’s committee meeting.

The last word goes to John Lennon:



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  1. “If those laws aren’t enforced, they might as well be repealed.” If the testimony, never mind our own eyes and ears, isn’t enough to press charges after two years, we might as well not even outlaw sedition.

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