The Puppetmaster?

I’m about to violate the Patti Davis rule and talk trash about Donald Trump. Why? He’s been dissing my favorite MSNBC legal analyst, Andrew Weissmann. That’s why.

Here’s a Weissmann Tweet, which originally forwarded a post from the Truth Social sewer in which former President* Pennywise resides.

I refuse to swim through Truth Social’s fecal coliform infested waters to hunt for the original post. Fortunately, a Trump lackey, past malaka of the week, and barely reelected Congresscritter Tweeted out the essence of the deleted message:

He may seem mild-mannered, but Andrew Weissmann is behind the persecution of the Kaiser of Chaos. Who knew?

Since that earlier message I’ve been calling Andrew: THE PUPPETMASTER.

In the post 11/28 era, every time I see Andrew on teevee I say this: I AWAIT YOUR ORDERS, PUPPETMASTER.

It’s amazing how powerful a former federal prosecutor turned law professor is. He knows Jack Smith therefore he controls him.


Did Elvis Costello travel back in time and write this song for Roger McGuinn? Is it about THE PUPPETMASTER? Why not: that makes as much sense as the “gospel” according to Q.

The Impeached Insult Comedian hates dogs so I fear for the PUPPETMASTER’S pooch, Innis who is an internet sensation. He’s even wearing a hat that mocks MAGA hats in the featured image.

There are at least two Trumper witches who could swoop down and do their master’s bidding by snatching poor Innis: Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Wicked Witch of the South or Lauren Boebert, the Wicked Witch of the West.

My money is on Boebert to appear in New York and say this to the PUPPETMASTER:

Most older dudes never get called “my pretty” so the PUPPETMASTER should find this flattering unless this happens to poor Innis:

I see Gym Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs as the main flying monkeys. THE PUPPETMASTER should keep up his guard and beware of spears and hot air emitting from the flying monkeys of the so-called Freedom Caucus.


That calls for a second musical interlude in which I bow down before THE PUPPETMASTER:

In other legal news that THE PUPPETMASTER may be behind. The 11th Circuit dismissed out of hand Judge Aileen Cannon’s idiotic ruling in the Mar-a-Lago documents case. Here are two pithy descriptions of the ruling in the case.

Polite 11th Circuit: Judge Cannon abused her discretion. Former presidents are not above the law. For the details, read Mark Joseph Stern’s piece in Slate.

Ruder Adrastos: I told you so. The bed wetting amateur lawyers got it wrong from the start. Fuck yeah, rule of law.

Let’s circle back to THE PUPPETMASTER and his little dog, Innis. I bow down before them and await future instructions.

Marionettes are a kind of puppet, right? The last word goes to Mott The Hoople:

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