The Big Freezy Defrosts

It may be cold comfort for most of our readers, but hard freeze days are over in New Orleans. It’s been eons since we had four consecutive nights of temperatures in the mid-Twenties. That may not be cold in Chicago, Minneapolis, Buffalo, or Fargo but it’s cold for us.

I found myself identifying with this song for the first time:

The good news is that there haven’t been widespread reports of burst pipes and the like. We stopped dripping our faucets on Christmas Day and widespread power overuse didn’t lead to widespread power outages. Adrastos World HQ may be drafty, but it never went dark. It’s a damn good thing: I didn’t want Kitty Claire Trevor turning into a calico icicle.

It was a Live At The Fillmore 1997 and West Wing 2004 Christmas at our house. I asked Santa for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the old boy delivered. It’s a great package: 4 CDs, liner notes by Joel Selvin, fake credentials, and even a patch. If only they had covered Patches by Clarence Carter, but they did this obscure Zombies song:

In other NOLA notes, the Saints won the Lake Erie Ice Bowl 17-10 over the Cleveland Browns. I like watching bad weather football. It has much in common with slapstick comedy as the players slip and slide on the field.

Speaking of Live At The Fillmore and Little Richard songs:

I took the whole damn weekend off from political news. It felt good not to contemplate the Impeached Insult Comedian’s bad hair, D Duce Wannabe’s bad manners, or Marge Taylor-Greene’s bad everything. I can, however, tell you what’s happening on Season 5 of The West Wing: Josh Lyman is in the doghouse and Bingo Bob Russell is Veep. The latter was played by Gary Cole who was fated to be an aide on Veep.

This week’s Saturday Odds & Sods will be the Best Of Adrastos so I thought I’d share a few items this Monday.

The Kaiser Of Chaos/Mar-a-Doorn Blues: New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi is a Trump whisperer. She coddles him less than Maggie Haberman, but he says shit to her that he wouldn’t say to anyone else. It’s most likely because she’s young and attractive but whatever the case she paints a bleak picture of Trump’s 2024 Campaign. I bet he’s pissed that Nuzzi called him thirsty.

Dave Barry’s 2022 Year In Review: Every year, I eagerly await Dave’s annual wrap up pieces, and he never disappoints. I am not making that up, which is a phrase I stole from Dave Barry many moons ago. I only steal from the best.

Get thee to the WaPo and prepare to laugh.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: Remember Dave’s World? It was a sitcom based on the wit and wisdom of Dave Barry. Harry Anderson played Dave.

Here are the Two Daves jamming:

Potpourri GIF Horse: Here’s before and after GIFs of the Citizen Kane snow globe scene.

From Orson’s lips to mine or some such shit.

Tweet Of The Week: Let’s circle back to my Christmas gift from Dr. A:

Here’s a Spank patch sampler dedicated to my friend Greg who loves him some patches:

The last word goes to Clarence Carter:

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  1. It was 0 here in WV for over 24 hours. Steady wind too. No way to keep our drafty Victorian warm in that.

    Same Santa CD gift for my Tom Petty loving bride. Looking forward to our first road trip to give it a listen all the way through . . .

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