The Forecast Calls For More Stupid

Right before Christmas it got pretty cold in most of the US. At the worst of it, my backyard got down to 2F, and lots of places were even colder. Interior sections got a snowstorm, coastal states got a big rainstorm, and I got a little snow and then some freezing rain. Buffalo, New York had a pretty serious blizzard.

But, with the exception of Buffalo, the country was pretty much OK after Christmas. The temperature continues to moderate, and the snow has been plowed. People are out doing their favorite holiday week activities, or working, and the crisis period is over. The forecast for the next weekend is for warm weather, well above freezing, with a little rain over the weekend.

I give you this context because I want to share some tweets with you over the latest, and totally irresponsible, thing Joe Biden has done: he and Dr. Jill have jetted off to St. Croix for a few days to enjoy the sun and sea.

It’s like he almost gets it.

There’s this:


So because there was weather 5 days ago, Biden can’t go anywhere ever again?

How about this:


Wait—Dark Brandon can time travel? COOL!

These are profoundly unserious people. And they take over the House next week. Ouch.

Here’s the ear worm I gave you with the title. See you in 2023!

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    1. thank you for the kind words. and I was happy to suddenly remember that great song.

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