Quote Of The Day: Dan Goldman Edition

Dan Goldman is a freshman Democratic congressman from New York. He’s a former assistant US Attorney and chief counsel to the first Trump impeachment. He’s probably best known to our readers as an MSNBC legal analyst.

Goldman has dived into his House duties. Along with fellow New Yorker Ritchie Torres, Goldman filed the first ethics complaint against The Talented Mr. Santos. They’re politer about that mook than I am. They called him unethical, I’d call him a mendacious motherfucker since sick puppy is already taken.

Goldman is a skilled cross-examiner and was placed on the “weaponization” subcommittee for that reason.

Yesterday’s hearing was a shit show. They’re “investigating” the FBI among other things. According to House GOPers, they’re part of the liberal Deep State. Funny thing: FBI directors past and present have all been Republicans. I am not making this up.

I’ve only seen pieces of the hearing but one of the highlights was Rep. Goldman questioning former FBI special agent Thomas Baker who published a book with an ominous cover last December:

Baker retired from the FBI twenty-three years ago but claims to have his finger on its pulse or some such shit. His testimony was an exercise in negative nostalgia. According to Baker, the FBI has become a nest of Deep State leftists even though it’s NEVER had a registered Democrat as director.

This is when Dan Goldman’s cross-examination skills came in handy. Goldman asked Baker a series of leading questions that showed how much the agency and the world has changed since 1999.

This final exchange is our Quote Of The Day:

Goldman: I appreciate your service, sir. But would you agree that a lot has changed in the FBI in the 23 years since you left, correct?

Baker: Good and bad. I have stayed engaged on a number of levels.

Goldman: One last question for you. I read that your opening statement is an excerpt from your book, is that right?

Baker: It covers some of the same territory, yes.

Goldman: Next time, make sure you give us a heads up and we can set up a table for you to have a book signing…

That last line was the weaponization of snark in service of deflating a pompous witness.

Dan Goldman isn’t through serving up grilled witnesses. The only question is how many will there be?

The last word goes to Stephen Stills & Judy Collins:


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