Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

This week: one of the oldest songs I’ve ever posted in this space. I guess it’s like a fine whiskey aged in an oak barrel or some such shit.

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans was written in 1922 by John Turner Layton and Henry Creamer. The song was featured in the musical revue Spice In The City. What spice? Paprika? Posh? Beats the hell outta me.

I’m breaking format this week. I typically keep things in chronological order and separate vocal and instrumental versions. This week, it’s a trad jazz crazy quilt.

We begin with the guys in the featured image: Der Bingle and Satchmo with a boffo arrangement by Billy May.

Next up, an instrumental version by Louis:

Since we’re swingin’ down yonder, here’s Dino:

Rocker Freddie Cannon had a hit with Way Down Yonder In New Orleans in 1960.

I rarely use the term Dixieland but it’s part of this New Orleans band’s name, so I have no choice. I cannot duck the Dukes.

I watched them carry Pete Fountain’s coffin into St. Louis Cathedral in 2016. He’s still missed by jazz lovers here, there, and everywhere.

We’ve saved the best for last. Nicholas Payton with a version from his 1996 album of trad jazz classics, Gumbo Noveau.

That’s it for this week. Carnival is heading into the homestretch, so let’s toast it. It’s what Danny, Mac, and Pete would want. Never argue with them.

2 thoughts on “Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

  1. If it’s a spice way down yonder in New Orleans, it has to be cayenne pepper.

    1. True dat. I was going for laughs. Groucho’s rules of comedy decree that k is a funny letter hence paprika. The Posh Girls are always funny.

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