Hello, Goodbye

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 So Ron DeSantis is formally announcing his presidential bid later today. It couldn’t be a more perfect beginning to the end of his campaign if it were scripted.

Over the last 2 years DeSantis and the wingnut Florida legislature have been turning Florida into Dystopian Disney. He’s been hard at work engineering social policies to institute white supremacism as the official state religion, treating legal asylum seekers as pawns in his hateful game, and refusing to let women have autonomy over their own bodies.

Bless his heart. See, as DeSantis begins his primary quest, more Americans are getting to know him. The problem here is that he is an unlikeable, socially awkward, rude, and weird dude. And it’s not just the story of his eating a pudding cup with his fingers, either; it goes deeper than that.

He’s easily ruffled and lashes out at the slightest pushback from others:

Here’s another one:

I could watch these all day.

The companion to DeSantis’ whininess is his monomania for the culture wars. Happily this is beginning to cost him support from big donors:

More broadly, though, DeSantis’ insistence on centering his political identity as the governor most eager to wage a range of culture war fights has some supporters concerned — and a handful of large donors turned off.

Interviews with more than a dozen donors, elected officials and people close to his organization reveal that, while not a universal perspective, there is a frustrated contingent of Republicans who were open or excited about a DeSantis candidacy but fear the door is closing — in large part because of recent policy decisions — and who see no change in strategy from DeSantis.

But in the end, voters will play a large role in determining whether he’s viable, and his formal announcement later today, uh, probably isn’t going to have the splash he wants since it’s going to be televised on…Twitter. Good luck with that, Ron.

And then, there’s the laugh:

It’s actually worse than that:

Now that you’ve seen that, all you can think of is this, right?

I really detest DeSantis. I detest his cruelty, and his endless lying, and his love for fascism. But I really hate that he has no forking idea how to be a regular human being. How can you not know how to laugh?

He’s going to say “hello” to American voters on Wednesday. I suspect most of them will say “goodbye”. The lads can take it from here.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. If Puddin’ Boots, proto-fascist, is unable to “dispose” of a resident of the state he’s misgoverning to clear his path to greater power, it just shows what a weak clown he his. Has he no loyal state troopers, guardsmen, alligators, cuban mobsters?

    Getting beat up by a cartoon mouse seems to be about his speed.

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