Album Cover Art: Isaac Hayes

The Isaac Hayes obsession continues. I couldn’t resist posting Dr. A’s picture of Isaac’s Cadillac from our trip to the Stax Museum. It’s not an album cover but it captures the essence of Isaac Hayes.

To say that Isaac was flashy is an understatement. His solo album covers are pure flash, pure Isaac.

Isaac Hayes was also prolific. From 1968-1981, he cranked out 26 albums including multiple movie soundtracks. Like John Shaft, Isaac Hayes was a bad mother…

I almost forgot to mention Isaac’s guest star turns on The Rockford Files as Jim’s prison pal, Gandy Fitch:

Isacc was even cool without shades and chains.

On with the show this is it.

It took a lot of nerve to feature a close up of Isaac’s bald pate on Hot Buttered Soul. It worked. The album was a hit.

There was a lot of controversy over the title of the Black Moses album. Isaac was too cool to care.

The Shaft soundtrack album propelled Isaac to mainstream superstar status.

Mini-Isaac jumps for joy as full-sized Isaac keeps his cool.

Another soundtrack for a movie. This time, Isaac acted in it proving that he was as tough as he was cool.

I really dig this cover. Is Isaac supposed to be a flower? Beats the hell outta me.

Finally, a campy cover from 1976. No Carmen Miranda-style fruit hat for Mr. Hayes. He was way too cool for that.

Finally, Isaac Hayes Live At The Sahara Tahoe in 1973:


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