Tony Bennett, R.I.P.

I had something else planned for the Friday Cocktail Hour this week, but it will just have to wait. FCH regular Anthony Benedetto DBA Tony Bennett has died at the age of 96. It’s the period at the end of the sentence of his long and glorious life.

Tony Bennett was a warm and wonderful human being who rarely had a bad thing to say about anyone else, even those who deserved it. I saw Tony Bennett perform many years ago but never had the chance to meet him.

Tony was a Renaissance man: painter, sculptor, singer, and humanitarian. He entertained generations with his music. Tony was one of the best interpretive singers ever. Like his musical hero Frank Sinatra, Tony could record a song written by someone else and make it his own. He was a rare talent and a rare human being.

The headline and tagline on his New York Times obituary nailed the man and his music, “Tony Bennett, Champion of the Great American Songbook, Is Dead at 96: From his initial success as a jazzy crooner through his generation-spanning duets, his career was remarkable for both its longevity and its consistency.”

As always with a musician, the best way to pay tribute to Tony Bennett is to post some of his most memorable music. The songs are in no particular order except for the last tune, which was Tony’s signature song.

I’m a bit verklempt after playing that ode to my other hometown. It’s a particular favorite of Nancy Pelosi’s as well. She was among Tony’s biggest fans. The feeling was mutual.

Let’s close in the classic Friday Cocktail Hour fashion with a toast to Tony Bennett. Thanks for all the great music and good vibes, sir. It’s what Tony and Frank would want. Never argue with them.

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  1. Tony Bennett was ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter before those terms were even created.

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