Irked In August

I usually wait until mid-month to write an irksome things post. I’m extra-cranky today because of the extreme heat that’s plaguing much of the nation. It’s so hot in New Orleans that it feels like we’re walking on the sun or something equally insane. We’re usually good crazy in these parts, not crazy crazy.

Check out this forecast from the local meteorologist I call Kid Weather:

No wonder I need to do some vexatious venting about irksome things.

Let’s get irked.

I’m irked that Republicans remain under the insipid and insidious spell of the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. To support this mook, you have to believe that everyone else is lying and that he’s the only truth teller in town. They should know by now that the truth is not Donald’s middle name:

I’m irked that Trump functionaries like Waltine Saltine Nauta the valet and Carlos de Oliveria the pool guy are willing to take the fall for their criminal boss. They should be more like employee number four and flip the bird at former President* Pennywise instead of doing the Boss’ bidding. This is the only Boss I listen to:

Yeah, I know. That’s not a political or crime song but it’s a helluva summer song.

I’m irked that polls are treated like news stories and given the front-page treatment. The New York Times has done that two days in a row. We all know polls at this stage are just snapshots in time best consumed by politicians who are running for office.

I’m irked that Republican politicians are joking about the advantages of indictment. With friends like Thomas Massie, Ron DeSantis doesn’t need any enemies. The Louse doesn’t have a sense of humor, so Massie’s feeble joke is lost on him.

I’m irked that Florida wants pupils to learn about the benefits of slavery. Say what? It’s so awful that Timid Tim Scott has attacked DeSantis over the enslavement mishigas. I wonder if either has ever heard this song by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong:

I’m irked that the Wall Street Journal continues to let Sam the Sham Alito tell lies in its pages. Does anyone say pages anymore?

Alito claims that Congress has no business telling SCOTUS what to do regarding  ethics reform. In fact, Congress is given power over the courts in the constitution. You know, the document Sam claims to revere. So much for originalism and justice itself:

I’m irked that Elon Musk has renamed Twitter X as in X marks the spot or X the band from Los Angeles. That X even has a sun song, which is anything but sunny, son:

Exene marks the spot.

In local irksome news, New Orleans is conducting a nationwide search for a new police chief. It’s turned into a shitshow with the City Council and Mayor Teedy trading accusations. Teedy appears to have rigged the process to benefit her chosen local candidate who is the niece of a former chief. Holy NOLA family values, Batman.

The best thing about acting chief Michelle Woodfork is her name. I dig her uncle’s name even more, Warren Woodfork. A woodfork beats the hell out of a plastic fork but who wants a fork as their police chief? Mayor Teedy does.

The last word goes to The Kinks: