Neal Katyal: Pagan Baby?

I’ve long considered Burning Man a douchey and pretentious festival for rich hipster douchebags and their fellow travelers. I’ve never, however, considered it to be a neopagan rite of passage or some such shit. That takes a wilder imagination than mine. Coup plot conspirator Jeffrey Clark considers Burning Man sinister, not douchey. I consider him to be a sinister douchebag who participated in a coup plot so he could be attorney general.

One of the weirdest online feuds in recent memory happened last weekend between Clark and Neal Katyal. It all started with a retweet (re-X?) of a Katyal tweet by Criminal Defendant Clark:

I think Clark needs to repent his coup plot crimes. He seems to be warming up to become the Chuck Colson of the coup plot case. Prisons always need amateur pastors. Clark could be the Boyd Crowder of whatever pokey he’s assigned to:

Katyal took the high road in his reply:

Clark clearly doesn’t understand the first rule of holes because he kept digging:

Clark is channeling Rudy Giuliani in his implicit attack on Ruby Freeman. That’s been adjudicated as a lie, but Clark keeps the lie alive. I wonder if he’s as drunk as Rudy? If not, what’s his excuse: pardon trolling? The Kaiser of Chaos can’t pardon you in the Georgia RICO case even if it’s removed to federal court, Jeffy boy.

Jeffrey Clark has one important thing in common with the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian: Everything he touches turns to shit. Culture war smack talk won’t save you from jail, asswipe. Save your bible banging for your  future fellow prisoners. You’re going down.

Repeat after me: Neal Katyal is not a pagan baby.

The last word goes to Creedence Clearwater Revival:



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  1. I miss the good old days when Burning Man was a super weird festival for hippies and not for rich bros to say “my DMT trip at Burning Man changed my life, the Blue Lady told me that greed is good and I should support anything that punishes the poor.”

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