House Of Trolls

The featured image is NOT a picture of a House GOP caucus meeting. Instead, it’s a 1890 painting by Theodor Kittelson, Peer Gynt In The Hall of the Mountain King.

A major difference between medieval Nordic trolls and modern American trolls is that the latter are always armed in case they need to chop off Speaker KMac’s head. Strike that: They’re too cowardly to be executioners, they’re backstabbers.

That’s why I’m calling  them the House Troll caucus from now on.

There’s another coup plot afoot on Capitol Hill. This time, the dipshits come from within the House Troll caucus. They want to oust KMac for insufficient subservience and replace him with the number 3 man in the leadership: Tom Emmer of Minnesota. Anyone who has followed Steve Scalise’s career from the beginning will find this paragraph hilarious:

It has long been noted by Republicans that tensions exist between McCarthy and his presumed successor in the leadership hierarchy, Majority Leader Steve Scalise (La.). Though Scalise is significantly more conservative than McCarthy, which the House Freedom Caucus wants, they see him as part of the “establishment” and someone who has remained in GOP leadership for too long.”

I guess they’ve never heard that Scalise once bragged about being David Duke without the baggage or some such shit. He later denied saying that. He was lying the second time. FYI, Steve Scalise is a right-winger, not a conservative. The media is behind the times when it calls the Scalises of the world conservatives. There’s nothing conservative about shutting down the government or the Tuberville Hold.

The title of this Warren Zevon song says it all:

Yesterday was the first day of Gym Jordan’s fakakta impeachment hearings. It blew up in his face with the first witness, Jonathan Turley. My old acquaintance said there was insufficient evidence to support impeachment charges. What wingnut trolls don’t understand about this legal troll is that he’s a contrarian. If there’s a conventional wisdom about something, Turley is against it. He delights in biting the hand that feeds him. Chomp.

If Gym Jordan were any kind of lawyer, he’d know this bit of lawyerly wisdom: Never ask a question without knowing the answer in advance.

There’s an excellent news analysis piece about the fake impeachment hearing in the WaPo by Philip Bump. The title is more restrained than the piece but it still works, Jim Jordan’s dishonest argument of wrongdoings.

The House Progressive Caucus did some trolling of its own, offering KMac a way out of his dilemma in exchange for power sharing. The proposal is DOA as KMac’s lord and master is the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. He thinks the shutdown is peachy keen.

There’s a good chance that the Freedom Caucus’ coup plot will fail because they felt the need to brag about it. It’s what trolls and Trumpers do. At this point, they’re indistinguishable.

The last word goes to Gret Stetsman Tony Jo White: