Saturday Odds & Sods: It’s A Plain Shame

Waterfront Warehouses, New Orleans by Walker Evans.

We’re experiencing our first cool weather since April. I’m not about to declare summer dead but it’s slowly fading away at last.

I was a bit woozy and achy from my triple jabbing last Saturday. My side effects were nothing compared to others so I’m not gonna whine. I am not the Kaiser of Chaos, after all.

The saltwater wedge seems to have slowed down and may not impact NOLA’s water supply. But we should continue preparing for the worst. I’m concerned that our city government will see this respite as a chance to procrastinate. Kicking the can down the road is what they do best.

The tour of music from my misspent youth continues with this week’s theme song. It was written by Peter Frampton for his 1972 debut album, Wind Of Change. It’s long been a highlight of Frampton’s live sets. That’s plainly not a shame.

I wrote about me and the Other Peter in this space in 2021. Fun times.

We have two versions of It’s A Plain Shame for your listening pleasure: the studio original and Framptom live on KSAN aka Jive 95.

While we’re throwing the word plain around, how about some Plain Truth from Gentle Giant?

Since we’re visiting Dr. A’s family in Richmond soon, I’m throwing this Roxy Music chestnut into the plain mix:

Ain’t nothing plain about Bryan Ferry.

We begin our second act with a piece that’s even more serious than Thursday morning’s The Menendez Family Film Noir.

The Race To Catch The Last Nazis: I have a longtime interest in the pursuit, capture, and trial of Nazi war criminals. I’m re-reading Gustave Gilbert’s Nuremberg Diary. Dr. Gilbert was the army shrink who studied the defendants at the first Nuremberg trial. His insights are vital to an understanding of what happened then as well as how extremists should be dealt with today.

Few Nazi war criminals are still alive. They should have died of shame but plainly did not.

There’s a fascinating piece in GQ by Tom Lamont from which I took the segment title. This link is to Longreads who, in turn, link to GQ. Longreads is a worthwhile group to which I’ve donated. They’ve provided a lot of grist for my mill over the years. Grazie, y’all.

A classic Elvis Costello tune is currently lodged in my head. According to Adrastos’ rule of earworms, if I share it, it’s expelled from my head. Let’s give it a try:

I might as well post Todd’s cover while we’re at it:

I think it’s gone. Let’s move on to a pleasanter subject.

From Superstar To Super Dad:  It took Steve Young many years to emerge as an NFL superstar. He backed up Joe Montana until the 49ers decided it was time to get younger with Steve Young.

Young was a scrambling QB with a cannon for an arm. He used to be an outlier, but he’s become the prototype for quarterbacks such as Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen.

Steve Young is as good a human being as he was a football player. He’s not on the road with ESPN anymore, so he’s staying at home in the Bay Area and playing super dad. That’s right, NFL superstar Steve Young now helps coach his daughter’s flag football team. I am not making this up. My imagination is not that fertile.

For the details, get thee to The Athletic to read Dan Pompei’s story about the most overqualified assistant flag football coach in history.

The last word of our second act goes to Gladys Knight & The Pips followed by Joan Osborne:

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: Lenny Bruce was a very funny man until pressure from censors and law enforcement wore him down. Pictured below are the real comedian flanked by Luke Kirby and Dustin Hoffman who played him respectively in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Bob Fosse’s Lenny.

Tim Hardin wrote a tribute tune to Lenny. Here’s The Velvet Underground’s version with Nico on lead vox:

Your Weekly Oscar: This time, OP, Sarah Vaughan, and an all-star cast of players:

Have I told you lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

Best Of SNL: Phil Hartman could do it all. I dig this recurring character; one of Phil’s best.

That reminds me of a James Taylor tune:

Saturday GIF Horse: Sometimes I just wanna see Carson Kressley say OHHH.

Let’s close down this virtual honky tonk with some more music.

Saturday Closer: Here’s another band from my misspent youth. I saw Tower Of Power play at the San Mateo County Fair before they became stars. You gotta start somewhere.

That’s it for this week. The last word goes to champagne soaked teetotaler Steve Young and the Lombardi Trophy: