I’ll have to jump ahead from Frampton Comes Alive! and respond with “I’m in You.” Oh God, and the awful cover [art] with that. Maintaining the pop-y image of satin pants and not wearing shirts. Everybody else had moved on a little bit at that time but I was still stuck. Time had stopped for me at that point. I wrongly thought I should stay the same. I should’ve reinvented myself in T-shirts and jeans for the “I’m in You” cover. Even though it was my only No. 1 single, it split the men up from the girls. For the whole Comes Alive! tour, it was definitely a 50/50 audience because the music was great. If I didn’t look the way I did back then, there wouldn’t have been so much attention from the women. I really believe it didn’t start to happen until after Comes Alive!, when I was on every magazine known to man with my shirt off. That stuff was wrong to do and those people around me had pushed me into what they wanted me to be. I let them do it to me up to a certain point. When I realized what was happening, it was too late.

I was part of his cult audience. I first saw Frampton’s Camel on a bill at Winterland with Johnny Winter and Foghat. I believe several people in the crowd yelled ROCK AND ROLL that night.

Here’s a Bill Graham Presents flyer from that period that includes the Winter/Foghat/Frampton show:

Bill Graham was known for his quirky concert combinations. The strangest one on that flyer was the Eagles and King Crimson. I missed that one. I bet there was booing. I somehow doubt Eagles fans liked this numbah: