Mississippi Goddam

Cassandra covered the good election news and covered it well this morning. Once again, Democrats outperformed the polls on election day in Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky. I’m relieved: the bad polls from last weekend had the bedwetters making like Chicken Little. The sky, however, did not fall.

It’s my task to discuss one of last night’s disappointments. Mississippi reelected one of the worst governors in the country: Tater Tot DBA Tate Reeves. The two words that come to mind with Tater Tot are corrupt and stupid. That’s who Magnolia State voters returned to office and denied me the chance to use this as the last word:

Tater Tot’s opponent Brandon Presley raised buckets of bucks, but his GOTV effort flopped. Voter turnout was low; most importantly Team Presley didn’t generate enough enthusiasm in the Black community to force a runoff. It didn’t matter that Presley is Elvis’ second cousin: The white people of Mississippi came home to the GOP.

The best thing about last night was reaching back into the archives for the post I wrote when Gov. Tot kicked off his campaign. This doofus shot an ad in which he made like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western. I remain proud of the title: The Good, The Bad and The Tater Tot.

Reeves spoiled my delight in his nickname by embracing his Tater Totness:

I had hoped to call this post Later, Tater but the crooked moron won, not Elvis’ kin.

The featured image is a tongue-in-cheek mosquito flag submitted when the Magnolia State changed its flag design in 2020. Mosquitoes love me but I hate them. I would say that they could bite me, but they already do. Chomp. Ouch.

This is the second time I’ve used Mississippi Goddam as a post title. That 2018 post addressed Lost Causer activity by MS Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. It irked me then and it irks me still. It did not hurt her politically. She was elected to the Senate, then vanished without a trace. She needs a missing-Senator milk box.

Repeat after me: The white people of Mississippi came home to the GOP.

The last word goes to Nina Simone:

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  1. I thought this was going to be another MAGA wave election. What could possibly have happened? Times like this I miss Tommie T’s Freeperati posts, though I saw a post on another message board that the Freepers have finally caught on to the fact that strict prohibition of abortion is not a winning issue.

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