Listen as Alan Keyes continues his complete public meltdown.

Many Illinois delegates are backing away from the latest comments by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes, who criticized the lifestyle of Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter.

For those of you keeping score at home, Keyes, not content with essentially calling Barack Obama a house slave, called Mary Cheney selfish and hedonistic for pretty much waking up every morning and drawing breath as a lesbian.

When Archpundit posted a link to this on Monday and it got picked up on Kos, some of the comments ran alongside of “well, he’s gonna lose anyway, aren’t there better things to worry about?” and “stop giving him free publicity.”

To which I say hell no. He hasn’t had enough publicity. Keyes is DNC fundraising gold. Keyes should become to us what Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton are to Republicans: an example, to be used in every single mailing, in every character debate, in every possible conversation where an easy name drop will finish the job a well-reasoned argument began. Keyes’ face should be put up on every single billboard in the free world. Eveyryone should know that he is the Republicans and the Republicans are him.

First Drafters, I may go campaign for him. Far too few people are hearing exactly what his message is. Far too few people know that his is the true face of this party. I’m going to go stick some Alan Keyes, REPUBLICAN for Senate signs on my lawn. Who’s with me?