preznit giv no turkee repeet

From Holden:

Any chance your preznit will repeat last year’s surprise Thankgiving visit to Iraq, complete with a falsified flight-plan in violation of international law, lies about a British pilot IDing Air Force One and keeping the flight a secret, cheering throngs of pre-screened soldiers, and a fake plastic turkey?

It hardly seems likely that your preznit will fly to Iraq again, as he has no more elections to win. But don’t depair, you can relive the event by purchasing your own George W. Bush Fake Turkey Doll!

Talking Presidents’ newest commemorative doll celebrates George W. Bush’s surprise Thanksgiving visit to our troops in Iraq. This figure does not talk, but comes dressed in an Army jacket nearly identical to the one he wore on that historic day. The figure comes complete with a turkey dinner platter similar to the centerpiece he carried while visiting our troops on Thanksgiving day 2003.

The secret Thanksgiving trip was the first visit by an American President to Iraq. It was heralded by many as a great patriotic moment, and scoffed at by many others who saw the visit as merely a photo opportunity or a cowardly act due to the secrecy of the trip itself.

This is just one in a series of George W. Bush Cowardly Act® dolls, which includes the George W. Bush AWOL Doll, the George W. Bush Treason Doll (a wonderful gift for those who seek to mislead the country into a war), and the George W. Bush Major Policy Address Doll.