Google ”Plame”

From Holden:

Do it every morning and eventually it will pay off. Reading around the blogs after a holiday break I notice that only Attaturk linked to Steno Sue’s WaPo article published on Friday (note to commentors – no, I did not read each and every blog out there, so if you found others who mentioned this piece, good for you. Buy yourself a cookie or something.)

Here’s what little meat one may find in Sue’s article.

A federal prosecutor investigating whether administration officials illegally leaked the name of an undercover CIA operative has directed considerable effort at learning how widely the operative’s identity was disseminated to reporters before it was published last year by columnist Robert D. Novak, according to people with knowledge of the case.

Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald is trying to pinpoint precisely when and from whom several journalists learned that Joseph C. Wilson IV, an outspoken critic of the administration, was sent on an Iraq-related intelligence mission after a recommendation by his wife, Valerie Plame, a covert CIA employee. Plame’s name first appeared in a July 14, 2003, column by Novak.

The timing could be a critical element in assessing whether classified information was illegally disclosed. If White House aides directed reporters to information that had already been published by Novak, they may not have disclosed classified information.


While Novak’s column did not run until Monday, July 14, it could have been seen by people in the White House or the media as early as Friday, July 11, when Creators Syndicate distributed it over the Associated Press wire.

This is further evidence to me that Novak talked. Fitzgerald is said to be interested in finding out whether reporters who received illicit information about Valerie Plame’s occupation after the initial leak was made to Novak had prior access to the information through the wires. If that is so, one can conclude that he already knows who made the first leak to Novak. Expecially when one combines this recent story with the fact that we have heard nothing about Novak being held in contempt for refusing to testify, or even a story about a subpeona for the Douchebag of Liberty.

Novak squealed, now Fitzgerald is mopping up around the edges of the case.