Drag It Out Of Him

From Holden:

Ha! Froomkin tells us that Chimpy’s kinda-sorta admission of a mistake could only be extracted from him on the third attempt.

And even in yesterday’s nearly hour-long session with more than a dozen reporters, Bush ducked the regret question the first time around.

Chris Mondics of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that when first asked, Bush replied:

“Biggest regret, first term, hmm, let’s see,” he said. “What was the other ? Have I changed? Well you better ask my wife that question. They say my hair is grayer. But I come from a pretty white-haired gene pool. At least half of it is. And I’ll get back to you on the regret. I am not a regretful person. I am a look-forward, get-things-done type of person.”

Bill Adair writes in the St. Petersburg Times: “At the conclusion of the 50-minute interview, a reporter returned to the ‘biggest regret’ question. Had he thought of one?

” ‘Yeah,’ he shot back, ‘that the tax cuts aren’t permanent.’

“He paused and said he wanted to give a different answer.”

That’s when he talked about “bring ’em on” and “dead or alive.”