Your President Speaks

From Holden:

My favorite lines from what may have been the worst press conference ever, in terms of achieving it’s goals (gaining public support for Chimpy’s plans to destroy SOcial Security and calming public anxieties over high gas prices).

Clip 1: What Iraq have got.

But Iraq has — have got people there that are willing to kill, and they’re hard-nosed killers.

AFP/Paul J. Richards

Clip 2: Faith-based been berry berry good to me.

Faith-based is an important part of my life, individually, but I don’t — I don’t ascribe a person’s opposing my nominations to an issue of faith.

AFP/Paul J. Richards

Clip 3: Dancin’ with myse-elf, Oh-oh.

No, I know you asked me that. Well, I can only speak to myself, and I am mindful that people in political office should not say to somebody, you’re not equally American if you don’t happen to agree with my view of religion.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Clip 4: Bolton handles his business (JimmyJeff loses a customer).

Well, John Bolton has been asked the questions about — about how he handles his business by members of the United States Senate.

AFP/Paul J. Richards

Clip 5: Some bonds are more equal than others.

And all that’s left behind is file cabinets full of IOUs [Treasury Bonds].

You can go from [Treasury] bonds and stocks to only [Treasury] bonds as you get older.

REUTERS/Jason Reed