From Georgia, With Love

From Holden:

Your President told Republican members of Congress about the great time he had in Georgia.

Then I went to Georgia. It was — standing in front of 150,000 people that love freedom was a fantastic experience.

Turns out he nearly got his ass blown off.

A grenade found near where US President George W. Bush spoke at a rally in Georgia last week had been thrown, was armed and was a threat to his life, a US official said, contradicting initial reports from Georgian authorities.

“The act of tossing a hand grenade towards the podium where the US and Georgian presidents were presenting speeches on Liberty Square on May 10 represented a real threat against the health and welfare of both presidents,” Bryan Paarmann, a US embassy legal attache who also represents the US Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI), told reporters.

“According to a qualified inspection, this hand grenade appears to be a live device that simply failed to function” for technical reasons, he said during a briefing at Georgia’s interior ministry.


News of the grenade incident came first from the US secret service, the agency responsible for protection of US presidents. A spokesman said Georgian authorities had informed the secret service that a grenade had been thrown at the podium where Bush was standing. Georgian authorities however said hours later that the grenade had not been thrown at all but merely “found” on the ground near the podium, that it had been unarmed and that it was only an “engineering” device and not a military grenade designed to scatter shrapnel widely.

The Georgian version of events prompted a quick response from Washington, where an official said the United States wanted “the whole truth” about the grenade incident.