The SpongeDob Republicans and John McCain

from Smirkingchimp, we find that McCain is the target of much anger from the religious right:

Christian fundies vow revenge on Democrats and McCain for judicial compromise
By Kevin Eckstrom & Adelle M. Banks, The Ledger
WASHINGTON — Richard Land, James Dobson and Paul Weyrich are angry — angry at “activist” judges who they say are legislating from the bench, angry at Democrats who try to derail judicial nominations and angry at Republicans who are allowing the filibuster to survive.
But these leaders of the Christian right reserve a special anger for Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who helped broker a compromise on judicial nominees with seven Democrats and six other Republicans.
McCain can “forget about his presidential ambitions” in 2008, said Weyrich, co-founder of the now-defunct Moral Majority and president of the Washington-based Free Congress Foundation.
McCain, a longtime nemesis of religious conservatives, wasn’t the only lawmaker threatened with retribution.
“Trust me,” said Land, president of the Southern Baptists’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. “Conservatives know who to blame, and they will have an opportunity to express their feelings in the primaries of 2008.”

The reason the story jumped out at me is because during just this last week, I’ve suddenly noticed that John McCain is everywhere. There is a profile of him in the May 30 New Yorker. In that same magazine, there is a full page ad for an A&E production, called Faith of my Fathers, which is a feature length film based on McCain’s experiences in Vietnam. It’s pretty damned obvious that McCain intends to run for the presidency in ’08. As far as I can tell right now, with the Religious Right working against him, the only way McCain can win is if he courts moderate Democratic voters. It’s way too soon to know just exactly what that will mean for Progressive Democrats, but as much as I think we shouldn’t be overly concerned with the ’08 presidential race right now – with the chance to retake the majority in Congress in ’06 staring us in the face – we can’t just ignore McCain, either.
One candidate who strikes me as being possibly a good person to run against McCain, is Wesley Clark. One candidate who strikes me as being possibly one of the worst to run against McCain, is Hillary Clinton. I like Senator Clinton, and there are people I can think of who I think she could beat. But I don’t think she would stand a chance against McCain. I’m curious what you think.