Apology My Ass

From Holden:

I was thinking of Jonah Goldberg’s abhorent post making light of the people traped in the New Orleans Superdome and his subsequent appology in which he soulfully stated:

My thoughts and prayers to those affected and my apologies to those offended for my making light of it. It’d be nice if the Huffington Post types could understand that I did not make jokes after the death toll and damage were known, but before — when the media seemed to be making the usual spectacle of itself. [emphasis in the original]

That got to eating at me so I went back to this post, which appeared at 1:24 PM today — well after we all knew that there was massive destruction and widespread fatalities.


But it would be pretty cool if Fox played to caricature and repeatedly referred to the hurricane as Katrina vanden Heuvel.

“The destruction from Katrina vanden Heuvel is expected to be massive.”

“…the poor and disabled are particularly likely to suffer from the effects of Katrina vanden Heuvel ….”

“Coming up: how to explain Katrina vanden Heuvel to your children.”


Posted at 01:24 PM

Still cracking jokes “after the death toll and damage were known”.

Douchebag. Send him another e-mail.