Hey Mister DJ Won’t You Turn The Music Up

Atrios notes that the Republicans are doing what’s expected of them: scurrying away from the plague-infested rat and trying to find a way off the ship.

And look, here’s the thing. They can distance themselves all they want. We don’t have to let them get away with it.

We can put pictures of Bush and DeLay snuggling up with Republican Candidate A on a thousand fliers and hand them out in Candidate A’s district come this time next year. We can send out mass e-mails: view the corruption of the Republicans. DeLay. Frist. Rove. Republicans want to steal your money and send it to Big Business. Republicans are corrupt. Republicans want to eat kittens. Republicans: Would You Trust Them With Your Money?

We don’t have to just sit back and say oh, now they’re pulling this again. They’ve given us the video backdrop, for god’s sakes. Did you see that statement from DeLay today? Run it, juxtaposed with Nixon’s famous footage. Unfair? Nasty? Negative? Sure. Would they do it? In an instant. Would it work? Why else would they even try?

They’re handing us issues, one after another, on a silver platter. There’s a lot of chatter about how Republicans have really gotten across the idea that tax money is not the government’s money, it’s your money. So we turn that around. Pictures of this sick little creep, a few choice quotes from the piece of poetry that is Mr. Earle’s indictment, and a question: Republicans: Would You Trust Them With Your Money?

Use it. Hit ’em hard, hit ’em with the chair, and if they still get up, pick up that bottle of champagne you just emptied and hit ’em again.