Friday Guestferret Blogging!

First Drafter CWH proves that I’m an amateur when it comes to ferreting. She and her four kids (hi, guys!) sent in pictures of their eight squirrelly little furballs, whose images begin here and continue inside (click “Read More” to see the rest:)

Homer and Popcorn. Yes, Homer and Popcorn. How can you not love animals named Homer and Popcorn?

Jonnie, practicing that all important “chewing stuff” skill set.

Lenny, nice and warm.

I really don’t think there’s a better name for a ferret, any ferret, than Moe.

Popsicle. I’m sure there’s a story behind that one.

Coco and Rocket, all curled up nicely pretending to behave.

Happy weekend, First Draft readers. Rejoice in the furballs, and enjoy your autumn while it lasts.