The Analysis, For What It’s Worth

From Holden:

I just don’t see any plan here.

No “we will do x, y, and z.” No milestones, benchmarks, or requirements. Just the same old fuzzy wishes without any details about how those wishes will be acheived.

And talk about repetitive — 13,328 words that could easily be cut down to 100. Rumsfeld tried to ban the words “insurgent” and “insurgency” yesterday, but Chimpy’s New and Improved Plan uses both 21 times. “Victory” pops up 27 times, but saying the word over and over again won’t make it happen. Still, “Victory” can’t hold a candle to “Build” or “Building” (57 appearances).

The New and Improved Plan adds two new words to the English language: “Rejectionists” (13 appearances) and “Saddamists” (8 appearances). Surprisingly, “stay” and “staying” appear just three times, and “course” appears just once (in a Condi quote). “Troops” appears only twice, “Torture” not at all.