Told You So

Ah, it’s the “if we legalize the illegal thing the president did, then it’s not illegal anymore” defense. A big favorite of mine.

Look, not for nothing, but anybody with half a brain saw this coming about ten miles back. I’d ask where the conservatarians are, the “keep the government out of my life” people, all the good guys I grew up with who voted Republican because they didn’t want government all up in their business. I’d ask why they don’t have a problem with this, these people who despised Clinton because, they said, he broke the law and disrespected the Office. I’d ask where they are now, these brave souls, but I really don’t have to. If you listen really hard, you can hear them. They’re under their beds, sucking their thumbs, too afraid of the terrorists to come out. Listen, my children, and you shall hear, of the bedwetting wingnuts who cower in fear.

Let me state the obvious. That there is no need for this law. That to this day not one person on the right, inside or outside this administration, has explained to me why a warrant can’t be secured for any necessary surveillance. That this spying was against the law when the president ordered it done, and that his sycophantic Congress can pass all the laws it wants. Unless they commission NASA to accomplish time travel, they cannot change what was and was not illegal at the time the president issued his orders.

More of the obvious. The president is a criminal. The president is a vigilante, and what’s worse, his posse is ineffective at best.

Yet Congress rushes to please him, makes laws to make excuses for his crimes. They ought to take care before they do this. It might take some moving around of furniture, but I’m sure, given enough time to prepare for their arrival, ample room could be found in the Hague for them all.