Digby’s Good Question


I have a question for the innocent life crowd: how come none of the proposed laws anywhere, as far as I can tell, believe that a woman should be tried for the murder of her child if she gets an abortion?

I’ll do him one better. Many men on the Conservatarian Right like to talk big about men’s procreational autonomy and blither righteously about “their children, too,” and shouldn’t they have a say in whether or not their wives can have abortions. After all, they pay child support to the money-grubbing gold-digging bitches who can’t keep their legs crossed.

With that in mind, all those men so eager to have their say in “their” women’s lives, I’d like to know why they aren’t pushing to have parental consent laws expanded.

To, say, requiring that if an underage boy knocks up his girlfriend, he, too, must request permission of his parents before she can terminate her pregnancy.