Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Your president is an insuffereable ass…

I want to thank Antonia Novello. Dr. Novello, where are you? She’s here — oh, there you are. Good to see you. Appreciate you coming. She’s the Commissioner of Health for the state of New York. I’m honored you’re here. I’ll tell old 41 I saw you. That’s the number for my dad — see, he’s the 41st President, I’m the 43rd President, so — I’ll tell him I saw you.

…who never misses the opportunity to put an underling in his or her place…

I called upon a fellow named Dr. Mark McClellan to join me in this effort. He’s here. That’s him right there. He is a — He’s a PhD, see — I’m a C student. Look who’s the President and who’s the advisor.


THE PRESIDENT: So we just cranked up. Anytime Washington passes a new law, sometimes the transition period can be interesting. And so we had some early challenges.

DR. McCLELLAN: That’s right. In fact, I was just talking with Diane about this beforehand. Diane is a pharmacist. You’re going to hear from her in a minute.

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m the emcee. You’re the explainer. (Laughter.) You know how these PhDs are, you know, they kind of —

…but sometimes the underling snaps back.

THE PRESIDENT: Somebody who is helping people understand the opportunities is Susan Wilber. Susan, what do you do?

MS. WILBER: Well, I’m an A student, always was, so I became a health care professional.