Well well, imagine this – it’s easy to get in touch with demons from hell

From Tena:

Sistahs, if you read my post about Roger Hunt, the South Dakota representative, sorriest male human alive, who drafted the anti-abortion legislation, then you know what a true piece of shit he is. If you didn’t see it, and haven’t read anything, here’s a taste:

“A lot of this discussion about back-alley abortions are myths that were created,” said Mr. Hunt, a 68-year-old Baptist lawyer, who said he’s never seen reliable statistics on illegal abortions. “The fear that we’re going to have women dying in coat-hanger abortions are largely figments of the imagination.”


In drafting the law, Mr. Hunt said he avoided an exception for threats to the mother’s health because pro-choice advocates would seize on it to perform abortions on women with emotional, psychological or even financial problems. “It would be a barn door large enough to drive any abortion through it,” he said. The same goes for exceptions in the case of rape and incest. “Three months later, a woman could go into an abortion clinic and say she was raped,” Mr. Hunt said. “Who’s going to force her to prove it? It would be a fraud on the system.”

Guess what? It’s absurdly easy to contact Mr. Hunt. here’s a link to his web page. There’s a link there to contact him. I really think we should – thousands of us. Thousands of enraged us. Don’t let that grandfatherly face fool you. He thinks it is just good business to let all those young white girls carry those babies. Couples can adopt in this country then. He wants to turn you, your daughter, your sister, your wife, your mother into wholly-owned subsidiaries of White Babies for Jesus, Inc. He’s an evil, heartless, twisted, malignant miserable son of a bitch. Get him.