Guys? Seriously, ferret-napping!

Ransom note and everything:

Caroll was at her parents’ house in Gurnee over the weekend and returned Monday to her Oak Forest apartment to find her ferrets missing and a sort-of ransom note:

Dear Mom,

We are going to visit Uncle Chuck. We will be home as soon as you pay him the $200 you now owe him.


The Rats

“Uncle Chuck” is the old roomie (he asked for his last name not to be used) who moved out Jan. 31 and contends that Caroll owes him $200 in unpaid bills.

Chuck said he was frustrated and a little peeved when, armed with a stack of bills, he stopped by Caroll’s apartment “just to talk.” The two are college students who lived together for about a year to save money but never dated, Caroll said.

Chuck said he didn’t plan to do anything wrong. But the ferrets beckoned.