Classroom Mead-Drinking and Swordfights


The tract-like booklets shown on this page are intended to serve a dual purpose: to be serious educational religious material, and to at the same time parody some of the hate literature that is published under the guise of “religious” literature by others, literature that often attacks the faith of just about everyone else except, of course, that particularly narrow brand of “religion” followed by the publisher.


In Heathens, we see a band of Vikings at the Board of Education offices, demanding prayer in the schools. But their demands are a bit different – they’re asking for prayer to the Moon on Monday, classroom mead drinking and sword-fights in honor of the war god Tui on Tuesday, Woden honored on Wednesday, Thor on Thursday, and Frigga on Friday!

I’m gonna order loads of these and stuff every RNC solicitation return envelope I get with them.