Just when you think it couldn’t get more…

From Scout:


“FEMA even wanted us to devise an evacuation strategy (for the upcoming hurricane season) that included evacuating the travel trailers,” said an incredulous Walter Leger, who heads the LRA’s [Louisiana Recovery Authority] housing committee and is a St. Bernard resident.

Oh FEMA, how do you out do yourself time and again? Just when I think FEMA can’t hit a lower note they cross a new threshhold of absurdity. About the only way this story could get better is if in the next hurricane evacuation people really did haul their trailers with them only to be turned back at the Gretna Bridge by shotgun blasting sheriff deputies…..’Ya all can’t bring that element into our city’.

BTW to understand how FEMA got the way it is read this September, 2004 article on FEMA entitled “A Disaster Waiting to Happen.” It chronicles how Bush policies ruined the agency to the point that…..

“If you talk to FEMA people and emergency management people around the country, people have almost been hoping for a major natural disaster like a hurricane, just to remind DHS and the administration that there are other big things — even bigger things than al Qaeda,” Waugh says. “This is an exposed nerve in the emergency management community, in the sense that resources have been shifted away from hurricanes, tornados and other kinds of disasters — the kind of disasters that are more likely to occur than terrorism.”

It’s was a prescienct article which today is painfully obvious.