WWJRL…Where Would Jesus Rather Live???

From Scout:

Well the Times Picayune asks WWYRL–Where Would You Rather Live?……

In This….

NOLA pics 2 032 FEMA trailers. (Which I saw being set up on a vacant lot in a residential area of Mid City) Total cost for trailer and set up….$75,000 per

Or this?


A Katrina Cottage with a total build and set up cost of less than $60,000 per cottage

From above TP link…..

The Louisiana Recovery Authority, St. Bernard Parish and the Mississippi governor’s office are all lobbying FEMA to replace the temporary travel trailers it is using to house displaced storm victims with the “Katrina Cottage,” a 400- to 750-square-foot prefabricated home that sleeps four, can be erected in days, and could eventually be expanded into a full-size permanent home.

The cost of the cottage, they argue, is hard to beat. FEMA is spending about $75,000 to deliver and install each of the 23- to 28-foot trailers for storm victims. A Katrina Cottage can be set up for less than $60,000, manufacturers say.

And with hurricane season fast approaching, many worry about the ability of FEMA trailers to weather storms. The Katrina Cottage, which under one model would be made of concrete and steel, would be a far safer structure.

Want to weigh in on this no brainer? Hows about giving your answer to your Congressional rep. You are paying for it after all.