Critics of Ben = Hitler!!11!

Or, more technically, Eichmann, according to Red State:

It was Hannah Arendt who introduced us to the banality of evil. There was more to this thing called “evil” than grainy newsreel footage of delirious chanting of “Sieg Heil” or the “Internationale.” Rage and hatred were not the first steps toward convincing seemingly normal people to go along with totalitarianism. First, repression had to seem normal. Domestic enemies were not hated – they were dehumanized. In the eyes of their countrymen, their souls were emptied of any qualities extraneous to Political Man. They were the imperialist/capitalist running dog/Jew/Trotskyite – and that was all.

So in addition to sleeping with his mother, which Tacitus seems to think somebody has accused Ben of doing (what is it with these people and bizarre sex situations?), Ben is now … Jewish? A dog? Something? And … are we the Nazis, or the Nuremburg judges? Shit, I’m so confused.

Tomorrow’s going to be interesting.