The Post’s Defense

Holden posted it below, but I’m citing it again because it’s so crucial. It’s changing by the hour, so keep up, but for now this is what we’ve got.

Jim Brady, executive editor of, said Domenech was hired because “we were completely unrepresented by a social conservative voice.” He said his goal “is to provide voices from as many perspectives as possible” and that Domenech is not intended to balance anyone in particular on his staff.

Domenech is “controversial” and the fact that liberals object to his hiring “shouldn’t really be a shock to anybody,” Brady said.

And here’s why it’s revolting. Liberals aren’t upset that the Post hired a conservative. People are upset that the Post hired somebody too damn dumb not to plagiarize from sources that couldn’t be detected by a simple Google search. It’s pathetic, is what it is, and we’re annoyed.

Dana Milbank today said:

What I don’t understand (although I haven’t inquired) is why the website couldn’t recruit somebody with more stature to do the job. This city is crawling with good conservative journalists with lots of heft. Domenech may be a smart fellow, but he’s 24 years old and tells Kurtz “I’m not a journalist.” I think that makes him the only “blogger” on the site who’s not a journalist.

Which is exactly the point. There are conservatives that might have provoked anger or disgust with placement on the Post’s pages, that might have drawn protest. But they wouldn’t have drawn accusations of plagiarism, not if they didn’t plagiarize. This isn’t a partisan fight. I know we say it all the time, I know it’s a blog clich, but the facts are not liberal or conservative. He. Plagiarized. For Flat Hat, for the NY Press, for NRO. Continuing to defend him is like tying him to your ankle as he jumps off a cliff.

And to pin this whole thing on “angry liberals pissed off at a social conservative” and keep Ben on is to do something not even all angry liberals would do, and that’s equate conservatism with dishonesty. Is that really what the Post means to say here?