FEMA to miss deadline for flood maps

From Scout:

FEMA had promised the flood maps which will guide how or whether people in NOLA will rebuild would be out at the end of the month. Now they say they will not make the deadline (again) and would not say when the maps will be done..

“I’m not happy with the progress we’ve made on the base flood elevation maps. We’re going to push to get them out as quickly as possible. They need to come out quickly,” said R. David Paulison, acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “But we want them to be right. They have to be right because of such a large percentage of the population living behind levees.”

In a meeting at The Times-Picayune, Paulison and other officials declined to say when that might be, although he acknowledged that the lack of new base flood elevations — they were last done in 1984 — is delaying many homeowners as they make plans to repair or rebuild their homes.

“We want them out as badly as you do,” Paulison said.

I assume Mr. Paulison lives in a house-like-structure, not a “two-door mid-sized sedan,” so I doubt he “wants them out as as badly” as the people in NOLA. It’s interesting that he didn’t say that people should just go ahead and rebuild anyway as a FEMA official had said last week.

UPDATE: Here is Gov. Blanco’s reaction

“I say, if FEMA has to keep people working around the clock to produce the flood maps, by all means do it. Enough is enough,” Gov. Blanco said.